Monday, August 8, 2011

100 posts!

100 posts! I can barely believe it! That means I’ve posted at least one hundred recipes since I first started! Which also means I’ve become slightly addicted to it in the meanwhile. Also, I’ve gotten a lot better at cooking! Not to mention I’ve gotten better at posting and taking pictures or blogging in general.
I’ve thought of making this post a special one, like baking myself a happy birthday pie, but I decided against it. Especially since I’m going to be real busy soon with a dessert table I’ve been planning on. Also I currently lack motivation and inspiration for something totally awesome. So I decided it would be nice to show you what’s behind the food you see in the posts. Like the recipes for instance: anyone interested in the books I own? I believe I’ve said I’d post something about it before.


Let’s start with my bunch of books! I have my books spread out over two shelves and they’re both stacked pretty full. Not to mention the books I have down stairs and all the other cookbooks that belong to my mom (she might own 3 shelves full). It's funny how you can definitely notice my precious book shelf and my dont-really-care-as-long-as-they're-there shelf. I picked some of my favourites to show you: (left to right, starting at the top)


Handboek Inmaken – Catherine Atkinson & Maggie Mayhew
It’s a book about jams, jellies, relishes, chutneys, pickles and every other way to store fruits and vegetables. I mentioned it before in a post about lemon jam. I haven’t actually used a lot of the recipes from this book, but I just love the looks, layout and explanations given in this book.
Cakes & Bakes – Good Housekeeping
This is a book with a bit of everything: a few cakes, a few cupcakes and a few cookies. Since this books is English it sometimes calls for a lot of ingredients like maple syrup and bicarbonate of soda, which are a lot harder for me to get here. I love this book mainly because I got it from a dear friend. Recipes like the chocolate mousse bombes and carrot cake came from here!
Bread – Christine Ingram & Jennie Shapter
This is a wonderful must-have book for everyone that enjoys baking breads or buns (and even cakes!). It starts with a whole section of breads around the world with a short explanation on every bread. Then it has a section for breads baked by hand and another section for the bread machine. It ends with cakes that you can make with your bread machine. Apart from just recipes this book also describes a whole lot of utensils, ingredients and their effect when used, what problems might arise and how to fix them and –very handy- how to convert bread machine recipes to recipes by hand and the other way around. I seriously never want to do without this one anymore. Recipes I used from this book include Yoghurt bread and Mocha Panettone (including about all my other breads really).
High tea party – Susannah Blake
I believe this is one of the first real baking books I bought. This book is also one of the most lovely books I have. It describes a few themed tea parties and all the recipes you could use that are tuned to that theme. The pictures are of the kind that would make anyone drool and jealous (I wish I had those skills, I wish I had those teacups, I wish I had that food!!!). This book inspired me to do a lot more baking and ended me with a love for tea parties. The post Little lunch is inspired by this book.
Bak recepten – Veltman
This book is another everything-in-one book, but this book has a lot more of everything. It has sections for cakes, pies, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, tray bakes, desserts, bread and scones. On top of that it has a list of problems and instructions at the start of every section. So a perfectly fine book!


I’d also post something about all the kitchen utensils I own. I don’t believe I have a lot, although probably more than the average household and probably quite a lot for someone my age, but I believe I need about all of them. I mean, no one can do without a mixer right? How about knives, spoons and baking trays? See? I NEED each and every one of them. Maybe take out a few cutters and stencils, but still. How about I post something about that around 200 posts, maybe 150? Or what about posting something about the history of the blog? The blog has changed a lot since I first made it! Anyway, let’s focus on all the recipes I need to catch up with for now again.

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