Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cranberry twists

This is one of those recipes that I should’ve posted ages ago, but just haven’t got around to do yet. I tasted something from a supermarket called ‘cranberry twists’ and I really loved the way they tasted with cinnamon butter! So I decided I’d make some for myself. Since the bread looked dark, I decided on plain wholemeal bread, with dried cranberries in it. I’ve bought it a few times since, but they don’t always sell them, and when they do it’s not always like the first time I tasted it. They’ve made Cranberry twists with nuts, or just plain twists with nuts and at some point they skipped the sugar. So from now on, I’ll be sticking to my own recipe!


1 cup water
375 grams (wholemeal) flour
1,5 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar + extra
2 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon dried yeast
250 grams cranberries

1. Poor the water into the bread machine pan. Sift the flour over the water to cover it completely.
2. Add the salt, sugar and butter each in separate corners of the bread machine pan.
3. Make a little dent in the middle and add the dries yeast. Start the bread machine.
4. Add the cranberries after the first kneading cycle, or add them after the bread machine is done. When it is, take out the dough and push it back (add cranberries at this point if you haven’t already) and knead.
5. Cut the dough in 8 equal pieces and roll them out into long cylinders. Twist them a few times, lightly, so the twist is visible.
6. Warm some butter and brush it over the buns, then sprinkle sugar over it.
7. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius or 400 degrees Fahrenheit and leave the buns for about 30 minutes.


There you go! Leave them to cool at least a little bit and eat them! I’ve used this same recipe to make buns with nuts and raisins as well, but most of all cranberries. Cranberries are definitely my favourite kind of berries when dried. If they weren’t so expensive I would just eat a package every day!
The picture’s I made are from the second time I used this recipes and show tulips / 'dinofootprints' rather than twists. I think I like the twist shape better. There was a huge bouquet of flowers on the table I made the pictures on, so I used some as decoration. Aren’t they pretty?


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