Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blueberry Lemonade

I’ve seen a lot of recipes trying to find the perfect one for this. And they all really come down to the same thing really. A few blueberries, a lemon, sugar and water and you’ve got blueberry lemonade. So I just used the same recipe from my Home-made Lemonade I posted earlier and added some blueberries. You can keep the lemonade quite a long time, however you can’t when you add blueberries. After one and a half day it started getting fizzy and tasted slightly off. In my experience berries tend to go off veryvery quickly, so best drink this within a day.
Note: sorry for the lame picture! I swear it's the only picture of my dessert table that isn't perfect!


1 cup sugar
Zest of half a lemon
Juice of three lemons
1 cup blueberries (or: 1/2 -3/4 cup blueberries and add blueberry juice to make 1 cup)
3-6 cups water

Now there are two ways to make this:
1. Just throw everything into a pan (start with 2-3 cups of water), boil it, squeeze the juice out of the blueberries by mashing them a little, sift it later if you like and pour into cups. Add more water to taste.
1. Put the sugar, blueberries, lemon zest and 1-2 cups of water in a pan and boil it. Once boiled and all the sugar is dissolved, leave to cool.
2. Juice the three lemons and add the juice to the blueberry juice. Add more water to taste.

The amount of water really depends on how you like your juice. If you like it to have more fruity flavour: use less water and also less sugar. If you like to to be sweeter: add more sugar. If you’d like not to be overwhelmed by sweetness or lemon: add more and more water. You can alter this recipe to totally fit your taste! Which you can also do by adding a different kind of berry. Strawberry & lemon might be a very nice combination. Or blackberries & lemon, like jam I made before. (Which reminds me I'm still behind on posting!! - like always)
Hope you enjoy!

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