Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Berry dream with Greek yoghurt

This recipe I looked up for my dessert table. I stole it from one of my moms old cooking books. The recipe suggested you eat it ‘pure’, but I decided against it and I'm glad I did. I wanted to use this very berry stuff (for serious lack of a better word) as a sauce on top, but ended up doing it the other way around. I’ve altered the recipe since I didn’t have all the ingredients and wanted it to have more berries. I also added a lot more water than necessary. Here’s the recipe I ended up with:


125 grams blueberries
125 grams raspberries
125 grams strawberries
125 grams blackberries
125 grams sugar
200 ml + 1-2 cups water
1 package vanilla pudding powder (for 1/2 liter)

1. Wash and clean all the berries. Remember to take off any leaves etc.
2. Add all the berries with the sugar and water together into a big pan and bring to boil.
3. Add 3-5 spoons of water to the vanilla powder to make a thin paste. Add this to the berries. At this point the mixture will become very thick very quickly. Keep adding water and stirring until end up with a ‘thin jam’.
4. Pour the berry mixture into glasses and leave to cool. Add yogurt on top of it later.


I know it takes a lot of berries. It could be a very expensive recipe if the berries aren’t in season, but it doesn't actually take a lot of each. 125 grams is about a handful with two hands full being the absolute maximum. So don’t get into shock just yet.
I’m not sure if it makes any difference but I used caster sugar in stead of granulated sugar. This was because on the one day I needed a lot of sugar we suddenly had none at all in the whole house which normally has at least 3 spare kilo’s of it. Luckily I had some caster sugar or I wouldn’t have known what to do. Imagine making a super sweet dessert table and while you’re baking notice you have no sugar?!!

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