Saturday, July 2, 2011

Orange cream cheese frosting

I have invented yet another wonderful frosting! This time I used one on a carrot cake I made. The carrot cake, though lovely, isn’t really worth mentioning as it came from a ‘just add water and bake’-package. I wondered what kind of frosting would go nicely with it, since the last carrot cake I actually did make from scratch didn’t have any frosting on it, I felt obliged to make some frosting on this one. I decided on lemon or orange, because I felt it would fit the taste of the carrot cake. And it did quite perfectly! The night I made the cake and the frosting I got showered with a rain of compliments with the people my parents invited over for dinner. I didn’t actually know we were inviting anyone and unfortunately it left me with a lot less cake for me.
Also this time I decided to put the frosting in a jar while the cake was baking and cooling and decorate it in some funny way. I was quite proud of it for as long as it lasted. I still have a jar filled with frosting till halfway (-what cake should I make next?-), but the awesome fabric around the top only lasts until you open it, after that it’s just a pain to put back on every time.
Anyway, enjoy! Note: the frosting will be enough for two small cakes.


300 grams cream cheese
1/2 spoon grated orange
2-3 spoons orange juice
250 grams powdered sugar

1. Mix the cream cheese, grated orange and orange juice together.
2. Mix in the powdered sugar until you decide it is sweet enough or you have the right consistency.


You could use the exact same recipe for a lemon cream cheese frosting. I’d use less of the juice in that case, as lemon can be quite a lot stronger than orange. Apart from lemon and orange I guess you could also use this recipe for grapefruit (that sounds kind of odd), mandarins or any other citrus fruits. Actually, we could generalise this to all kinds of fruits, only I’d skip the grating for quite a lot of the fruits I can think of (grated kiwi for example does NOT sound right).

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