Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lemon & cream filled cake

A week or more ago I made cakes for my grandmother’s birthday and after my post of Chocolate cherry cake with fudge frosting, I haven’t said a word about the other cakes! Shame on me! Especially since my mother loved the Lemon cake I made with it. Perhaps I should call it “Lemon & cream filled cake”. I suppose that describes it best out of all the brilliant ideas I’ve had. So let’s start with that one.
The cream I used on the inside was a bit runny, so I should definitely improve that next time I make it. This didn’t give a problem though, because I used the same shape I used with my Valentine’s cream-filled cake, so it was nicely trapped inside. However, if you want to make the cake and put the filling between two layers, do make sure it doesn’t get too runny.


On a note: the cake I used is just a simple sponge cake (and fat-free). I posted this before in my post about Whipped cream cake!

- Cake
- Home-made lemon jam
- Filling
- Whipped cream (with sugar and foodcolouring)

Let’s start with the cake!
1. Cut the cake in half if you want the filling in between, or if you’re using a special cake pan like in my case just take both sides with the ‘inside’ facing up.
2. Spread a rich layer of lemon jam on each half and then dump loads of the filling on top.
3. Quickly put both halves on top of eachother (be quick and be precise and try not to be messy with this – it takes some luck).
4. Finish the cake with whipped cream or even some extra filling on top and decorate it!

Done! Next: how do we make that filling? I thought I was being original with this, but to my surprise I used almost exactly the same sort of filling as I did for the Valentine’s cream-filled cake. So here goes again!

- 500 gram cream cheese
- 2-3 spoons of milk
- A few drops yellow food colouring
- 1/4 spoon vanilla essence
- 250 gram powdered sugar

1. Put the cream cheese in a bowl and add a spoon or more milk to make it less thick. If your cream cheese is already spreadable and mixable, don’t bother with it.
2. Add the vanilla essence and food colouring and mix it in well.
3. Then start with the powdered sugar and add as much as needed until the filling is thick enough to spread!

There you go! You’ve got the filling now as well. Now to the last part. Not sure how to make the whipped cream? Here goes:

- 250 ml whipping cream
- A few spoons (powdered) sugar
- A few drops yellow food colouring

1. Beat the whipping cream until it is thick.
2. Add as much sugar or powdered sugar as you like to sweeten the cream. I believe I used a few spoons of both.
3. Devide the cream into two equal portions and mix in the food colouring into one of the two portions.

Done again! Now pipe and spread it on the cake and add as much decorations as you like. I used some flowers I made a little before then when I was experimenting with Royal Icing. I actually haven’t posted that cake yet (oh, I’m so slow! Terrible!), but it was just a lot of experiment! I forgot Royal Icing would get so hard, but I made a lot of nice leaves and flowers and random dots that I can use for decorations now.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the cake! And I hope to post more pictures, also of the inside, as soon as I have to make this cake again!


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