Wednesday, April 13, 2011

(Te)Maki sushi time!

I know I’ve posted something about sushi before (remember?), but I can’t say they were the best pictures ever. Not that I can say I’ve made any much better now. Anyway! Somehow I felt inspired to make sushi again and since I had accidentally said I might want to make some and people kept nagging me and buying ingredients, I couldn’t exactly say no anymore.
Making sushi is one of the easiest and time-consuming things ever. You start off with rice and a rice-cooker and some magic. Then you make sure you have a whole table all for yourself and put a cutting board right in front of where you want to sit. Then you take the rice and put it on one side, take sushi nori leaves for on the other side and at last you fill the whole table with all the ingredients you can find. Then you sit down to start!


Now what could we put in these sushi’s then?
- Sweet fried egg
- Cucumber
- Paprika (bell pepper)
- Smoked salmon
- Crabsticks
- Chives
- Sesame seeds (garlic flavoured)
- Mayonnaise

Or other things that I hadn’t used this time like: tuna, tomatoes, egg salad and I don't know what! Be creative, google ‘sushi’ and stare at pictures for inspiration or just open your fridge! At least that’s what I do!
In case you are wondering on how to make Sweet fried egg:

1. Lightly beat around 2-3 eggs and then beat in 2-3 spoons of sugar.
2. Fry.

It’s really not that hard if you’re capable of not burning food. Also, a note on the mayonnaise, if you don’t like it, don’t use it. But I love to put some mayonaise on the rice before I put anything else on, especially when I’m using crabsticks! On another note: don’t ask me where I got garlic flavoured sesame seeds. It goes really nice on chicken, but it makes the sushi taste like garlic (and sesame) quite a lot as well (which is a nice thing). I’ve also got wasabi flavoured sesame seeds, but haven’t actually used those much. Perhaps I should use them on buns some time soon.


Ever heard of Temaki Sushi? It’s almost the same as Maki Sushi (the ‘normal’ rolls cut in little pieces), only this time you turn it into some ice-cream cone looking shape and eat it out of your hand. It’s WAY better that maki sushi when you’re just making something for yourself. I made some for myself with crabstick, cucumber, egg, chives and lots of mayonnaise. Doesn’t it look delicious? It makes me want it all over again!


Don’t forget some soy sauce or wasabi sauce when you eat them! Enjoy!


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