Saturday, March 5, 2011

Peanut butter & Jelly bites

You know when sometimes it’s a nice day and you feel like you HAVE TO bake? Happens to me sometimes, and today was one of those days. Only, we were out of flour, which I needed the day before when I made crème brûlée. Plus it was already kind of late, so I wanted something easy to make. First thing to mind would always be cakepops, bonbons, or anything that’s little, chocolaty and sweet! I first thought of the peanut butter balls I made with christmas, then decided peanut butter and jam would be nice. And rolling them in chocolate sprinkles, cuz I didn’t actually want to go through the effort of melting chocolate. (I wanted to bake without doing something, you feel me?)
My first attempt failed miserably.


Then I decided to reorganize and make Peanut butter & Jelly Bites aka a layer of peanut butter-mixture, then jelly/jam, then peanut butter again, then more jam and on top loads of chocolate sprinkles! It didn’t turn out that bad..

Peanut butter
Powdered sugar
Cookie crumbs (or just more powdered sugar)
Chocolate sprinkles
Butter (if needed/wanted)

1. Melt the peanut butter in the microwave in less than a minute. It’ll turn soft and liquid-like.
2. Add powdered sugar and cookie crumbs until the mixture becomes thick and knead-able. Add some melted butter if you made the mixture too thick.
3. Do the same with jam and powdered sugar. (I left this slightly more liquid)
4. Take little mini paper cup and fill it with peanut butter-mixture for the bottom layer. Then add a layer of jam-mixture, then more peanut butter-stuff and then more jam.
5. Last but not least, sprinkle it with chocolate sprinkles. Leave it in the fridge to harden, and done!


Unfortunately I can only tell you how I made them, and with what, and not with how many of that what. I just randomly took some ingredients and made the best of it, so I would have no idea how much you need. They tasted quite fun! Exactly like peanut butter and jelly would taste if it were peanut butter and jelly. It’s just too bad eating too many makes me feel kind of sick.


I added a heart to it as well! Because somehow I felt that would just make them a lot better. It reminded me of Valentines like that. Which reminds I should really say something about blogs that completely inspire me (and make me jealous but that’s a different point; also don't ask how valentines reminds me of blogs). Here are a few: - She’s one of the most creative bakers I know. Everything she makes looks so wonderful and cute! You’d almost not want to eat it. - This blog is like a collection of all the heavenly things put together. I don’t know how the writer finds all these things, but I find myself drooling and hoping to have some about every time. - I feel she’s been slacking lately, but this mom defintely knows how to cook/bake! - The last lady knows how to turn movies into food. She’s into food, beer and films and she knows exactly how to use ‘m (all at the same time)!
Hope you enjoy! ‘Til the next post!

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