Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coconut icing on pandan cake


It’s a little while ago since I made this pandan cake for a party, but I’m always late with things. And I feel the need to memorize and share this icing. I heard about the icing from some site, but forgot to write the recipe down. I just came up with something new myself and I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the recipe I saw anymore, but it was delicious anyway. The pandan cake I made was from a package (add water- done!) since I wouldn’t know where to buy any pandan flavouring here or even how to make the cake to be honest. I like the smell and taste of pandan, so I decided my family was going to eat it on the party. Since just cake would be plain, I looked some icing up to go with it and that’s where I got the idea! So here goes:


Coconut cream/milk
(Whole) Milk
Powdered sugar
Food colouring
A cake (like pandan)

1. Use as much coconut cream or milk as you like and add milk to make it a bit smooth and thin, only when needed. Add food colouring at this point if you want (especially since some coconut cream has such an undesirable colour).
2. Add the powdered sugar until it is as thick as you want (thick enough to spread, maybe to poor, don’t make it too thick!).
3. Use it on the cake! Done!

It seems fairly simple and contradictive. Perhaps I shouldn’t have added milk, but it was hard to add powdered sugar to something that was half solid anyway, so I used the milk to smoothen it up a bit first. For the simple part: icing should never be complicated. Once icing get’s too complicated to make, I’m gone. I mean, after all the time I spent on making a wonderful cake, should I seriously spend forever on icing? Don’t forget icing is important though. Cake without icing is like.. life without sweets?

What is it like anyway?


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