Friday, March 1, 2013

Baking up some acorns

Winter should finally be ending some time soon and I’m sure spring can’t wait to happen, yet here I am posting something that looks more like autumn. But don’t worry, you can make this the whole year round! In fact, I made this cake just yesterday. It’s the Banana gingerbread cake I posted a while back. To be fair, I was hoping to give you a new recipe. Not of the cake itself, but how to use a banana cake to create a little banana split to serve. The idea I had in mind was really cute, but when I saw the little cakes turned out to look like acorns, I scratched the whole idea. These acorns are so cute too!

I could have added a small piece of pretzel stick to the end and a bit of milk chocolate to decorate the top. Or dip the top in all the way to make the difference between the nut and the shell more appearant, but there was really no time for that. How long are YOU able to stare at these cakes and put in the extra effort to make them acorn look-a-likes when really you could be eating them. All of them.

It's quite a short post, but all I really wanted to do was share these pictures. Now, the last picture! It's a special one: while I was taking pictures, my sister knew she could do it a whole lot better. So, thanks to the special talent of my sister, I'm sharing her picture:

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