Saturday, March 9, 2013

Conquering India and Asia

If you've followed Moonpies4U for a while, you'll notice I'm a big fan of baking up cakes and cupcakes. More than anything I love to bake sweets. So I'm surprised, perhaps most of all, to find myself totally enthusiastic about cooking dinners. I want to conquer the Indian and Asian dishes. I've been obsessed with red bean paste (anko) and japanese/chinese dishes, while at the same time I'm dying to try a curry.

I've never made a curry before. Can you believe that? Well, until yesterday. I made a special curry à la me. Which actually means there is no way anyone in the world could ever replicate what I did, but it roughly involved chicken, a can of coconut milk, carrots, beans and a whole lot of spices. A Whole Lot of Spices. There are so many recipes out there for a curry that all use different spices, so I just used I had in my cupboard (think garlic, ginger, black pepper, kurkuma, coriander, cinnamon, lemongrass and way more).

Okay, so it sounds a bit random. But I did do a lot of research to find a perfect curry recipe. And very soon I'll come up with an actual recipe to share. Also, despite the randomness of it, the curry was delicious. Even better: the whole room smelled of spices. I was so proud!

On the same day I conquered curry, I made Tang Yuan. These glutinous rice dumplings are very popular in China. I had a lot of fun making the different colours, but adding the filling was horrible. I think the dumplings look horrible as well. And they tasted a bit floury. So there's no way I'm going to share the recipe. Not until I find the perfect way to make these.

Next I'm going to have to conquer mooncakes and red bean soup and even more curry's and and and I'm so excited! Why do we have only one dinner per day? And why are there so many Asian and Indian recipes that I've never tried before or even heard of? We need to get cooking!

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