Thursday, August 16, 2012

Aglio et olio

I’m all exited about blogging again. I’ve speed-posted five recipes in two days! If only I had sat down to do this before. I’m also still very excited about my camera and all the things I can do with it. I spend about 10 minutes making this recipe and at least another 20 trying to make a good picture. Just looking at them makes me feel like I’m not even close to a perfect picture and I can’t wait until I make something truly wonderful. Not just the taste, but also the looks of it and then also the way I put it on my camera. One day it’ll be amazing! Maybe it'll be after I buy a new (bigger, better and more expensive) camera and get myself some photography gear (I want, I want!). But you just watch! I will do it!


Okay, now I’ll stop ranting on about my dreams of food photography and styling and share a very easy recipe. It’s perfect for any leftover spaghetti you have that you didn’t throw into any sauce yet.

Spaghetti (leftovers or cooked and cooled)
Olive oil
Garlic or spring onions
Parsley or basil
Salt & pepper to taste

1. Pour the olive oil over the spaghetti until it’s ‘wet’ all over. It all depends on the amount of spaghetti you’re choosing but you’ll probably end up with a spoon or three. Just add one and mix and add more until you’re satisfied. Remember it’s easier to add than to take out!
2. Cut your garlic or spring onions – not both, it’ll be too strong – and mix them into the spaghetti as well.
3. Chop up your basil or parsley and throw those into the spaghetti as well.
4. Lastly add the salt and pepper to taste. My taste requires quite a few pinches of salt and no pepper at all, but you’re probably off best adding what you’d normally add to a dish.
5. Serve cold with tomatoes (cherry tomatoes, mmm) or a salad. This is a very plain main dish so make sure you eat enough vegetables on the side!


And there you have it. I couldn’t really choose an easier recipe to make today. I didn’t put all the spaghetti I had on the plate and I was quite happy I could eat those leftovers of the leftovers while taking pictures. And after that, I ate it all. With some help.
A little note on the recipe: use good, high quality, olive oil. You can buy an olive oil, with a taste like pepper, lemon or basil and you might even get away with a completely different oil like walnut oil (although I wouldn't think so). However, don't use any oil you don't like the taste of naturally. Some cheap chemical-tasting olive oils will do fine for cooking, but the taste will be too prominent in this dish and in the worst case will make it taste horrible. I also really wouldn't recommend sunflower oil, but if you're desperate I suppose it might be worth a shot. Just be sure to use as less as possible when you don't like the taste or you're unsure.


Maybe you noticed but I posted this recipe before, with not so many words. But I felt obliged to post it again, especially after all the inspiration I got which has no where to go.


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