Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spinach with sesame dressing

The next side dish I made for my Japanese cooking night was spinach with sesame dressing! Which means another hour wasted on crushing sesame seeds. It wasn’t all that bad though. It gives you something to do and time to think! Also I learned spinach is also something that, once it’s cooked, I’d rather eat warm.

400 grams spinach
50 grams sesame seeds
2 teaspoons sugar
1 spoon sake
2 spoons chicken broth
3 spoons soy sauce + extra

1. Put water and salt in a pan and cook until it boils. Then add the spinach en cook for another minute.
2. Once the spinach is cooked take it out immediately and cool it in cold water. Take some of the spinach and line it on a bamboo mat. Then roll the bamboo mat and squeeze the water out. You should get a compact string on spinach now.
3. Cut the string into smaller pieces and use some soy sauce to sprinkle over it.
4. Bake the sesame seeds in a dry pan until dry and crush them immediately after.
5. Mix the sesame powder with the sugar, sake, broth and soy sauce. Put little bits of the mixture on the spinach and serve!

I admit this probably sounds quite vague. I tried googling it but I that doesn't give the best pictures either. Hopefully you’ll get a picture of little spinach pieces with a little with of sesame dressing on it that has a bit of a sushi-feeling! It might be a nice idea next time to leave some of the sesame uncrushed and to not burn them as well. (I have the excuse of me trying to make 4 dishes at the same time! I just lost sight of the sesame for a little moment!) Anyway, enjoy!

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