Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pressed sushi

Last but not least: pressed sushi! This is actually way faster and perhaps easier than normal rolled sushi, but I think rolled sushi is easier somewhere since I've done it more often and it has more charm. Pressed sushi is way better for mass production though! I made a really simple type this time with salmon. But you could use this recipe with anything. It might be a lot easier to be creative with than real sushi.

Nori leaves

1. Line a brownie pan (or any pan that has a size you like and is deep enough) with cling foil.
2. Make a layer of nori leaves on the bottom and add a layer of rice on top. Press the rice down and even it out (it might be handy to make your hands wet as to not make the rice stick to them).
3. Add a layer of salmon and then repeat the layers of nori, rice and more salmon. Finish with a layer of nori.
4. Take the sushi out (turning it upside down helps) and cut into small pieces.

Tadaa! We could mass-produce loads of sushi like this! The trick is not to leave it for too long but to immediately cut it into pieces. If you leave it for too long to cut it later the nori leaves will have gone soft and it will be a pain to cut!
Well, that was the last one of my recipes for my Japanese cooking night. I've made sushi, yakitori, beans with sesame sauce and spinach with sesame sauce now. Next up will be my Portugese cooking night!

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