Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rainbow jelly & marshmallow pie!

It’s a rainbow jelly pie! Oh doesn’t it look lovely??
Not sure where I got this idea again, maybe it was from the sweet rainbow cake and rainbowjelly pictures I've seen on google or I got the idea after seeing the rainbowcoloured packages for the jelly. Whichever way it was, I knew I HAD to make this cake at some point. I used marshmallow ‘pie’ inbetween so the colours wouldn’t blurr or mess up.
I used about a fourth of the ingredients for the marshmallow pie for every marshmallow layer and a fourth of every Hartley’s Jelly package I bought in all the cool colours I could find! I don’t believe I ever greased the glass oven bowl I put this in, but it wasn’t a problem. Do keep in mind that due to the setting of each layer before you can put another on, this might actually take a day or two, three! It doesn’t take much time however!


Jelly layers:
Jelly in all colours of the rainbow!
Water (as stated on the package)

Marshmallow layers:
2 large white marshmallows (25-30 gram)
20 ml milk
40 ml whipping cream
1 gelatine leaf

1. Start with a jelly layer! (if you want) Put the jelly blocks in a large cup and add the boiling water. Wait till the jelly is dissolved and poor it in the bowl or tray you wish to have your cake in. Pop it in the fridge and wait until set.You might want to use just a small portion of the jelly, or the layers will be very thick.
2. Put the marshmallows in a small bowl and sprinkle the milk on top. Leave it in the microwave and stir it every 10-20 seconds until the marshmallow has dissolved and the mixture is non-lumpy.
3. Use another small bowl to mix the gelatine and whipping cream together. Put it in the microwave as well, and stir every 10-20 seconds until everything's dissolved.
4. Add one of the two bowls to the other and mix. Poor it onto the set layer of jelly and pop it in the fridge again to let the marshmallow layer set.
5. When this layer is set, repeat step 1 for a jellylayer, when that is set, repeat step 2 to 4 for a marshmallowlayer, and so on. The rainbow jelly&marshmallow pie is done when you can’t stand another layer! Serve with a warm sauce like custard, or eat it nice and cold!


On a sidenote, I made this in a complete different kitchen in England and kept popping everything in a microwave and randomly running downstairs to the kitchen again to make the next layer. It took me a total of 2 days as the jellylayers took quite long to set, but I’d made the next layer in about 10 minutes tops and got handier at it with the layers! Because of all the sugar and jelly and whatnot the pie really won’t go bad in the two days you might need to make it. It goes quite well with custard really. I’m starting to think this is an English flaw, they put custard on everything!
I managed to take some quick pics (not my best) before we omnomed it all!

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