Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chocolate chip marshmallow cake

I've posted a recipe with marshmallows before, but when I read it again, I really had to admit it was all quite vague (hey! give me some credit for one of the first posts/recipes I've ever made!). So I wanted to try it again. This time I changed the recipe a bit, and used chocolate chips in it and added chocolate ganache on the top. It was very creamy and chocolaty! Personally I thought it was too sweet, but I might be biased since I LOVE the fresh fruits with it like in my first recipe. As long as others still like it, it's still great, and they did!
I put a bit too much gelatine in it, I believe, because the cake was rubber-thick. That didn't so much affect the taste, it's just nicer when it's a bit mushy!
I know I keep forgetting for what size these recipes are. This one is good for a 18 cm one or about 7 inches. If you want to make a jellylayer on top, I'd suggest a 20 cm or 8 inch one, since the jelly-layer will make the cake a lot higher and it won't fit in an 18cm/8inch tin.


24 simple biscuits
1 spoon of sugar
50 grams butter

100-150 gram marshmallows
75 ml milk
150 ml whipping cream
4 gelatine leaves

1. Crush the biscuits any way you like! You can try it by hand, with the back of a glass, but I'd suggest a mixer here.
2. When you're sure there arent any big crumbs left, add the sugar and mix again.
3. Melt the butter in a pan or microwave and mix that in too. You might need more if the cookiemix isn't sticky enough. It should stick together, but not to your fingers!
4. Butter or line your caketin and push the cookiemix to the bottom.

1. Put the marshmallows and the milk in a microwaveable bowl and put it in the microwave. Take it out a few times to stir and wait till everything is melted. You can also double-boil this, but it takes a lot longer!
2. Put the whipping cream and gelatine leaves (you might have to soak them first) in a large pan and wait till the gelatine has dissolved.
3. Add the melted marshmallows and stir it well. *
4. When everything is nicely mixed in, poor the mixture over the cookielayer and let it set in the fridge for about an hour.

* For the chocolate chip version:
3 1/2. You're going to need about two hands full of chocolate chips that you can sprinkle over the marshmallowlayer and might have to press down a bit.

5. Poor chocolate ganache over an already set cake and leave it to harden a little bit longer. And voilá! A sweet chocolaty and marshmallow cake! All for you! (well, you might have to share)


I could make some "Tips/suggestions for this recipe" like I have been doing the last few recipes. I actually like doing that (but should I?), gives me the chance to rant about all the other things possible with a single recipe!! Or anything you'd have to watch out for. But really, for this recipe I can only think of things like, dont use too much gelatine or it'll become rubbery like mine, and: ADD THE FRUIT! I can't help but love the fruity jelly layer on top of the sweet mushy marshmallowlayer!



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