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Marshmallow-Jelly Pie

* Note: I've recently made a new recipe for this one, with chocolate chips inside. But other than that it's all the same, moreover I've made the recipe a lot clearer! So I'd recommend using this recipe, and simply add fruit and jelly to it after!


This is a recipe I just tried out, and actually turned out really good! Like, with all my recipes, I changed the main recipe. It's a really delicious recipe for in hot summers. Like for today, it's really hot, but luckily there is a bit of a breeze!

The pie has three layers: a cookielayer, the marshmallow layer and the jelly-layer. The cookielayer is pretty basic. The marshmallow-layer is something I had never tried before. I didnt think marshmallows would actually melt! I put fruits in the jellylayer, but you could add practically anything you want in that one ^^

24 simple biscuits
1 spoon of sugar
50 grams butter (preferably unsalted)

100-150 gram marshmallows
75 ml milk
150 ml whipping cream
4 gelatine leaves

Fruit, in my case it was (canned) peach
Ready-to-make Jelly (for this one, I bought a package. I chose lemon, because I thought it would taste the best with the other ingredients. Another method for this one is melting real jelly in water, which I will explain later on)

1. Crush the biscuits in a mixer or by hand (I recently discovered the mixer and love it. My mom always made us crush them with a glass in a bowl - that's also effective). Add the sugar and mix that in too. Melt the butter before you add it, and mix it again. You should get a bit wet cookie-suspence now. You can always add more cookies if it's too wet, or more butter if you feel like it's too dry.
2. Dump the cookie-suspence (for lack of a better word) into a 18 or 20 cm cake pan (about 7-8 inches) and devide it equally over the bottom. I like to use a spoon for this, but you can also use your fingers. Make sure the cookie-layer is "solid" by pressing it against the bottom.
3. Leave this to cool down in the fridge for about 15 minutes.

1. This one is pretty easy, but takes a while. Just put everything into a big enough pan and double-boil it (also called au bain marie, if you don't know this, I'll explain later too ^^). Just wait until all the marshmallows are dissolved and try stirring it every once in a while. Make sure it doesnt burn, or the water under it doesnt overboil!
2. When all the marshmallows are melted take the pan off the boiling water, and leave it a while to cool down. A few minutes will do, then poor it onto the cake-base.
3. Leave this to cool in the fridge again, this time for about 30 minutes. After 15 minutes you can add the fruits, so later on they won't float in your jelly xP

1. Before you start working on the jelly, start decorating the cake with the fruits. You can use a cookiecutter, or just a knife, to turn the fruits into fun shapes and decorate it with those.
2. Now start working on the jelly. In my case, it just said on the package how to make it. I had to add hot water with the jelly given, wait till it had dissolved and add cold water. In stead of cold water, I used the syrup that came with the canned peaches.
3. When this suspence has cooled just a little bit, you can start pooring it over the fruits in your cake. Do this with a big spoon, so your marshmallowlayer won't get any wholes in it.
4. Leave this to cool in the fridge, yet again, but this time for about 3 hours.


Finally, you should be able to eat ^^ I also promised some information, so here it goes. I hope you find the information usefull ^^

Alternative for jelly-layer:
250 ml juice
3 sheets of gelatine

For this one first check the gelatine. I prefer using gelatine sheets and they require 12 leaves per liter. If you use gelatine powder, just look up the amount it needs for a liter and devide it by four.
What juice you use depends on the fruit you are using. If it is canned fruit, you can just use the juice that comes in the can.
1. You will first need to heat the juice. Put it on a medium fire. It does not have to boil, just make sure it doesn't burn.
2. Take the juice of the fire and add the gelatine. Stir until the gelatine is dissolved.
Gelatine sheets require resting in water for a few minutes before use. Just read what your package says about this.
3. With this suspence, you can do steps 3 and 4 of the jelly-layer ^^

Dubble-boil (au bain marie):
For this method you fill a big pan with water, till about halfway, but maybe you'll have to add more later. In the smaller pan you put the ingredients you need to boil and place this in the bigger pan with water. Add water, if needed, untill the smaller pan is surrounded by it, but the bigger pan is not overflowing (keep in mind that when you heat the water, it will expand as well). Put the big pan, with the smaller pan in it, on the fire. This way the ingredients in the smaller pan have a way smaller chance of burning. You also use this method to melt chocolate ^^

As for the jelly I used, I thought I'd add a picture (maybe it helps?.. Something like this sure does make things easier! ^^


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