Saturday, June 27, 2009

Creamy herb paste/spread

(Edit: I changed the name to herb spread, as it is a better name for it I believe, but haven't changed this in original post)

A recipe I actually invented myself (dont praise me, anyone could come up with this <.<).. I wanted to make blini's at that time (little pancakes) after I had it in a restuarant. They were so delicious I had to try!

The blini's were made of a american pancake-mix, and then, according to the recipe on it, making little pancakes. Take one pancake, royally spread the herbpaste over it, royally put salmon on that.. Then on top of that, more herbpaste and another pancake.. Just like a sandwhich ^^ Make sure to do everything ROYAL! That really does make it taste a lot better ^^ In my case, the pancakes turned out pretty floury - but then again I never tasted american pancakes and have no idea what they are supposed to taste like - but the result was VERY good ^^

Anyway, the herbpaste is very simple to make ^^ My mom also really liked it on her bread without anything else.. It's really nice as a sandwhichspread on warm these. It's very airy and light, but it's creamy and cool too (you have to keep it in a fridge, so that one was logical <.<) You could use it for anything else you can think of I suppose.. and since this recipe is so easy.. you can give your own twist to it just as easily ^^


- mon chou
- herbs (like parsely, chives, anything!)
- garlic
- lemon juice (just a bit, one squirt xP )
- anything else you want to put in it XD

Cut it and then: MIX IT!!!
I told you it was simple! For the cutting: make small pieces and try using siccors, it really makes things easier! Do make sure you've cleaned it beforehand, or you have a special foodsiccor..
The most simple version I made was with just mon chou, a bit of lemon juice, leek and parsley.. It's really good ^^ Of course you can change this one in whatever way you like.. By using more herbs, different kinds, or using spices.. I bet the same recipe would be really good with pepper and chilli powder.. that would give it a cool red colour too!!


Although you can add practically anything to the mon chou, getting the right combination can take some time and experience ^^ The lemon juice is actually not for the taste.. It's to make the paste a bit more smooth and spreadable.. I would advice to use it, but feel free to just leave that out too ^^
Note: there are no measurements for this recipe. It really just depends on the amount of mon chou you feel like using or need and how "herby" you want it. You should really just try out how much you like. Make sure you notice you can always put more in, but never take anything out!

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