Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Happy Easter!

I know, I know! It's been a while since easter. Yet, I've made some things that would really fit the theme and I couldn't help but show! Maybe for next year these will inspire you!

To start off with: the Easter Chickies! I admit they would've been loads cuter had I use cupcakes rather than a very rich fruitcake! A basic recipe for cakes can be found here and here! If the top is uneven, like in my case, it's wisest just to cut the top off with a sharp skewed knife and then poor the icing on top. The glacé icing, is really the easiest icing ever to make! Here goes!

Ingrediënts for Glacé Icing:
powdered sugar (the same as the amount of icing you want)
vanilla essence or any other flood flavouring or juice
food colouring (if wanted)
water (if needed)


Admitted it looks like a very vague discription. Just put the powdered sugar in a bowl. The amount of sugar is equivalent to the amount of glacé icing you'll get. Then add essences, juice, colouring and/or water and mix until you have a thick and sticky consistency just the way you like it! The glacé icing will harden when you leave it to dry for a while!
What do you think of my cute napkins? Easterstyle!


And what do you think of my semi-easter cake? I didn't have enough -home made!!- fondant left for a bunny! I'll post the recipe of these delicious Carrot cake later, together with a recipe for the fondant!


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