Sunday, August 15, 2010

Coconut rice with peach

I’ve been getting way too far behind on posting. But I did manage to post at least once a month so I suppose that’s something to be proud of!
One recipe I’ve made a couple of times since my last post, and I suppose some before as well, is coconut rice, preferably with some peach. There’s no rice that can top the creamy-fresh taste of coconut rice with some fresh-fruity peach. Risotto (rice boiled in broth) might be next in line.
Anyway, the recipe for coconut rice is quite easy and if you can make rice. You can make this!
Unfortunately I can't see much about the amounts needed. I never pay attention to the amounts needed. I always take as much rice as I think is enough and make sure the water reaches about double as high as the rice. Then my ricecooker does the rest! And well, we can never have enough peach can we?
Note: I’ve substituted coconut milk from a can with powdered coconut cream before and it works just as fine. Anything coconut you find I suppose will work, dessicated coconut however, will not really have the same effect. - Oh, and I hope you’re smart enough not to put in whole coconuts?


Coconut milk
Peach (preferably canned)

1. Wash the amount of rice you need before using. Add the coconut milk until you have reached the amount of liquid needed to boil the rice. Add water if you do not have enough coconut milk or you feel it is too thick. Then cook it!
2. Cut the peach into little chunks and mix these through the rice. If you want, you can cool the rice slightly beforehand.

And there you go! A lovely recipe in just two steps! I hope you enjoy!



P.S. I've hit the 50 posts! hurray! Maybe when I reach 100 I should post something grand eh? Ah, that reminds me, blogger has some nice new templates, I might actually change the way my blog looks and make a new title-picture. What do you think?

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