Sunday, July 4, 2010

Strawberry Smoothies

Ah, I haven’t posted anything in waayyyy too long again. But at least I update monthly right?
I’ve been really busy last month, so haven't been able to do much in the meanwhile. I haven’t tried any big recipes, but I did get around to doing some easy things that just can’t ever fail!
Let’s start with something that everyone has to like, especially in these hot summer days: Smoothies. They’re fresh, they’re fruit, they range from sweet to fresh to bitter even and you can put anything you want in it! I used to go by the same basic recipe a lot, something I just made up myself because it always works out nice. I’ve tried some complete different recipes too, but for today I stuck with my basic again, so here goes, the simplest smoothie recipe ever!


A little note on the ingredients: I have no clue how much I exactly used, but I tried ordering them to the amount. It really depends on what you like. If you want a thicker smoothie, use more yogurt and even leave out the milk, if you don't then use more milk. If you want a nice full taste use full yogurt and milk, or use the diet-version if you want a little less calories. You can leave out any sweeteners I put in as well, like the jam and sugar. And you can try out millions of combinations of fruit, or add things like raisins and nuts. (Apple, raisin and banana is GREAT – as soon as I make that again I’ll post it WITH measurements, to make it a bit easier on you!)

Fruit (just strawberries in my case)
Jam (or lemonade)
Lemon juice
Vanilla sugar
Decoration like left over fruits, umbrella’s and the likes

1. Just put everything in a mixer or blender and let modern technology do its work! I would add sugar and jam later, since it might get too sweet or you just want to leave this out after all.
2. Add more or less of any of the ingredients while tasting it in between, poor it in glasses and decorate them and voilà!

With the measurements I used I ended up making two glasses. This wasn't much of a problem, since we were with three people and the glasses were quite big. I left one glass for my sister and when I came back downstairs she asked me if there was any more for her. Always good to know people like what you make right?
I hope you like the recipe! I’ll make sure to add some measurements next time and make the recipe a bit more specific. Ah, if you come up with your own combination of fruits, I’d love to hear!



I do hope you enjoy the pictures! I’m kind of proud of them! And kind of have no idea which ones are nice and which ones aren't, so I guess I ended up showing too many, especially for such a simple recipe!


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  1. Woah! these look great, too bad Im not a fan of strawberrys, banana could be nice though. =)