Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Smoothie madness!

From one madness into another! I’ve been making noodle soup loads last week and I’ve also made my fair share of smoothies again – cuz it’s so lovely with this weather! Then again, it’s very windy and rainy today and I still enjoy my freshly made smoothie!

Creamy lychee smoothie

6 lychees (half a can)
4 spoons lychee juice
2 spoons grenadine
2 spoons rose lemonade
2-4 spoons mascarpone
a bit of yoghurt and vanilla sugar if wanted

1. Put it in a mixer and mix!

If you’re not so into the creamy stuff or if you don't have any cream cheese in the house (I made the same with créme fraîche and it works fine too!) then you can go for a normal lychee smoothie. Just leave the mascarpone, yoghurt and sugar out – or add the last two anyway if you want. For a different smoothie try the next one. It’s fresh and creamy as well, but perhaps a bit less sweet than the last one. For both recipes it’s about 2-4 glasses.

Pineapple & coconut smoothie

500 gram can of pineapple chunks
300 ml coconut cream
Vanilla sugar

1. Mix it again! (electric mixer, plug it in, let it do the work – you know!?)

Well, as for the pictures. They come out looking pretty much the same - white thicky liquid, which, now I think of it, sounds pretty WRONG! And since my friend keeps pestering me to write this (no, I didn't quote you) this will be quite a short blog again! I hope you enjoy the smoothies and maybe come up with your own combinations! Oh, and grapefruit with cucumber isn't such a success so far.


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