Thursday, August 19, 2010

Noodle soup madness

Noodle soup! Who hasn’t had it and who doesn’t love it? It’s lovely to just add boiling water to a package and enjoy the soup without having to go through the effort of cooking. And it’s quick too!

Baby corn
Runner beans

1. Put the broth in a pan on low fire together with the noodles.
2. Cut the vegetables in small pieces and add to the soup. Wait until everything is cooked and that’s it!

If you want to add chicken I’d advice you fry the chicken first on a low fire – make sure it doesn't burn!- and add it after. Of course there’s loads of other stuff you can add and leave out. Used this recipe loads in the week my parents were off and the rest of the family felt like eating simple things – and when they didn’t they just wanted my soup! It’s always nice when people appreciate your cooking isn’t it?

Might seem like a bit of a simple thing to add to my little database of recipes, but it’s something that needs to be remembered – I have a whole arena of people backing me up on this! The nice thing is that we grow quite a lot of vegetables and herbs in our garden, so half of the vegetables came from there. I should write a recipe with some of the lettuce we have in our garden. I was thinking of strawberry and other fruit with lettuce salad and then the strawberry vinegar I have (but have not yet tasted) over it. Anyone ever had strawberry vinegar and knows what goes well with this? I’ve never actually heard of this until I got it.
- Oh, and do we actually need pictures of soup?


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  1. Why don't you try putting in some soft-boiled eggs? That taste good. A lot of people in Thailand put soft-boiled egg in their instant noodle.That taste just great(wait,this is the second times I said it...oh well...)