Friday, January 15, 2010

An artistic splash!

I was just randomly bored at some point, and since I wanted to upload something on my deviantart-account. (it looks so empty!!) I decided to make a few photo collages. So here they are!


On this one you can the Rice bread I made, together with the Chocolate cupcakes with buttercream which I still prefer calling DINOcupcakes! and Cute honey cupcakes which I will hereby name My little Princesscupcakes! just because I feel like it right now!!


A few more of my creations! The top left shows a fruit and nut cake that I haven't posted the recipe from yet. So far it's still my secret recipe! I like to think this is the recipe Im best at and always works and maybe I can melt hearts with this! Anyway, the other two are Vanilla pans, the little two-layered buns, and Mini meringue cupcakes which you can also turn into lollipops!


The last one I made! It's a bit different from the other two and shows the Chocolate Cheesecake I made quite a while ago. I always keep the pictures to everything I make (even the bad and blurry ones!) in case they might come in handy some day.. and they did! I really like the way I did these things. They're simple and still pretty! I might want to use something like that for my layout here as well.. who knows?

I hope you like it and you'll enjoy the recipes! ^^ For the links to the recipes, just click on the name of the recipe!


  1. hey susan, we hebben je gemist zowel met kerst als op 03-01. Vooral anne. Als ze je site ziet begint ze al likkenbarend te grommen.
    Dus het wordt tijd om aftespreken of bij jou of hier voor een baksessie.

  2. ็Hi! This is benz.I really love your blog.It's very fantastic! and the recipes are awesome!Maybe I should try making one of those...Well,maybe not since I'm just too lazy to make anything.I especially like the Chocolate Cheesecake...I hope I could eat it someday...