Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy cakes with butter icing

I lost some of the picks! Can you believe it!? Horrid! But they still look really colourful on the picture. I like them, might get my mom to get some more.
Anyway, about the cakes! I’ve used a recipe I posted before. Honey cupcakes are just real easy to make and somehow they’ve only turned out well, so I just used this again. Plus there’s no need for millions basic cake recipes. The butter icing I’ve posted before as well, but hell, here I’m posting it again and I’ve changed it anyway. I’ve improved quite a bit with making this créme so I’m saying its worth it as well. Plus, I now have a new piping set, consisting of plastic bags and about 5 tips. I used a massive “drop flower tip 2D” for making this, for anyone who’s interested.


Ingredients Improved butter icing:
75 gram (unsalted) butter
250 grams powdered sugar or icing

1. Well, mix? With an electric mixer? We’ll be fine that way!

Ah, love recipes that only include mixing. Makes life so much easier. You can’t imagine how much work some of the icings are! Anyway, there you have it! Lovely icing! You can use on anything and everything and it’s easy and just lovely!
Ah, this recipe is not fatfree mind! Not quite caloriefree either. But nice. Real nice.

And it looks fun right? With my special colour dust spray! And picks, of which I’ve lost some. Yes! Hopefully you enjoyed and I’ll make sure to post again soon!


Look at the mess!! Getting the icing in a piping bag is hell!


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