Friday, November 23, 2012

Showing off: Spiced Apple Cake

I've had a new camera for a while now and I’ve only made two posts with pictures I made with that camera. Of which one was made in such a hurry you don’t even notice the difference! So it’s time I showed off my new camera skills. Just, not today. However, I do want to show what kind of lovely pictures I made with my ‘old’ camera just before I got my big Nikon.
So this time I’m showing off pictures of a Spiced Apple Cake I posted before. I didn’t have any dates that time so I used raisins instead. Also, I didn’t have any walnuts so I scratched that as well. Really I only made the cake to get rid of the apples I didn’t like.
That was last summer. Can you imagine how far behind I am with posting? Just thinking about the amounts of work I have to catch up make me want to run away and hide.

Last summer I spent a lot of time getting into and reading up on food photography. One of the books I read was From Plate to Pixel from Hélène Dujardin. It was amazing how many things were in that book that could help me with my work. Unfortunately a lot of them needed photography equipment as well. Now, I don’t have diffusers, reflectors, studio lights, umbrellas, scrims and whatnot (don’t ask), but I did learn a few neat tricks. For example: making apples look fresh by spraying water on them. I think it makes them look so delicious! 

I messed around with the different props I picked out for my pictures. Some of the things I came up with aren't half bad, don't you think?
Apart from messing around with the materials when I was making the pictures, I also did a bit of editing afterwards with Photoshop. I'm starting to really like the options I have on there. I figured out now, that if I wanted I can turn the apples on the pictures from green to red. Isn't that amazing? With these pictures I only messed with things like contrast and vibrance, so for my blog I'm really going to stick to the easy things.

Lastely, I've been messing around on my blog as well. Did you notice these pictures are a lot bigger? Do you think it's a lot better like this? 
I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Don't forget to look at the recipe here.
Edit: I think I actually quite like how the pictures are now (slightly bigger size, centered) compared to before. I think I will stick to this!
Also: why is there so much space between the title and the text? Its like I put a few enters inbetween! Someone solve it!!

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