Friday, November 23, 2012

Showing off 2: Out of the blue

There’s more pictures I can show off! Aren’t you excited? Since I’ve slowly been getting into photography more and more, I bought myself some new plates. Also my mom, who works in some sort of second hand shop, bring home a lot of odd pieces of kitchenware. It’s amazing to suddenly have so many options to start combining!

I bought a new plate, just one and nothing to match it. Everyone in the house thought it was the ugliest thing I’d ever bought. Personally I had to agree there’s no way I’d serve food on a plate like this. Not just because it’s an odd colour and design, but it’s also too 3D. Every line you see actually pops out quite a lot. But blue contrasts so nicely with orange and yellow! I mean, look at those colours popping out and screaming of colouriness!

 Even when mixing with other colours I think it turned out well:

So, that was me experimenting with more props I have now. I could show you a whole lot more, but I think I'll leave you wait for most of the pictures until I actually post the recipes. But I can share two pictures I wanted to use for a post on Frappé. I never got the pictures right though.

I mean: look at that! Who ever thought of photographing an ice coffee from above? There's not going to be a lot of people who can guess what this is. The next picture is a bit more obvious. I took it when I was messing around with the props for a Mocca-Chocolate Marbled Madeira Cake (I just named it, I'll post the recipe some time too!). Enjoy and till next time!

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