Friday, November 27, 2009

Banana & chocolate jam

I'd so much rather call this jam compote, since it is rather thick. It's a recipe I found and I HAD TO try!! It just sounded so awkward! It tastes really good though. I find it really nice with sponge-cookies I made, or with yoghurt. It was pretty simple to make, so that made it fun as well. Long live the fun but delicious recipes!
I tried finding cute little jars to put the jam in, I liked these, but later on noticed that you cant put any fabric around them with a bow. For the granny feeling, you know? And again, I ended up finishing this recipe at night, and make pictures that night. Bad lighting! I just didnt know how to get these pictures right!


300 gram bananas (without peel)
80 gram (dark) chocolate
100 ml water
210 gram caster sugar

1. Start with the bananas by slicing very thinly them or chopping them into small pieces and mashing them.
2. Put the water and caster sugar in a bowl and bring it to boil. Stir until all sugar is dissolved.
3. Add the bananas as well and keep stirring while bringing to boil. Make sure the mixture keeps bubbling, but do not let it burn! Keep this up for about 4 minutes, or until the mixture becomes clearer.
4. Chop the chocolate into smaller pieces (if they’re not already) and add them to the banana-mixture. Keep stirring until the chocolate is completely dissolved.
5. Remove from heat and pour it into glass jars. Close these immediately after you poured the jam in and turn them upside down. A trick I learned from my mom – this will help ‘suck’ the jars vacuum after which you can store them longer.
6. Turn them back when they’ve cooled down and store them in a cool spot. The jam will be a bit thicker when it’s cooled down. The jam, or compote, is also quite nice when you serve it warm with cookies or yoghurt!

If the banana-mixture looks like this, you're doing ok! (dont worry if it doesnt though)


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